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The Students of History Civics Curriculum

Each unit includes detailed lesson plans with engaging activities, projects, PowerPoints, guided notes, interactive notebook pages, digital Google Drive resources, assessments, and links to review games on Kahoot, Quizlet, & more!

Unit 1: Introduction to Government

In Unit 1, students define the state, analyze how government began, and review different forms of government, including the characteristics of democracy.

Unit 2: Foundations of American Government

Unit 2 looks at the foundations of America's government. This begins with looking at Ancient Athens and Rome and continues through important English documents and the Enlightenment. 

Unit 3: The Constitution & Federalism

Next, students spend 3 weeks analyzing the Constitution. From the Articles of Confederation to Ratification, each aspect of America's founding document is covered! 

Unit 4: Parties & Ideology

Students review the political spectrum & how political parties campaign, nominate candidates, and operate. 

Unit 5: Campaigns and Elections

This unit looks at campaign finance laws, the Electoral College, gerrymandering, and "fake news". 

Unit 6: The Legislative Branch

A thorough overview of the Legislative Branch, including a fantastic "Mock Congress" simulation.

Unit 7: The Executive Branch

An engaging unit on the Presidency, cabinet, & executive agencies, with primary sources, projects, & more! 

Unit 8: The Judicial Branch

A thorough overview of America's court system. Includes a PBL on landmark Supreme Court cases & more! 

Unit 9: Civil Liberties

Covers what civil liberties are, when they have been taken away, & the role they play in society today.

Unit 10: Foreign Policy and Comparative Government

Reviews American foreign policies from the past & today, diplomacy, and international organizations. 

Unit 11: Understanding Local Government

Covers state and local government systems, with a focus on community and service learning.

Unit 12: Review & Final Assessment

Includes review games & materials to prep for state assessments and 2 editable final exam options. 


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