Unit 10: Foreign Policy & Comparative Government

civics units Feb 02, 2018

The 10th unit in our Complete American Government Curriculum is a 3-week unit on foreign policy and comparative government.

It begins with an overview of what foreign policy is, who helps create it, and the people and organizations involved in creating America's foreign policies. Students then analyze major foreign policies from throughout history, from Washington's warning about foreign entanglements in his farewell address, through the Monroe Doctrine, Dollar Diplomacy, the War on Terror, and others. 

Students analyze a foreign policy current event issue as well and present their findings to the class. Another lesson has students analyzing various newspaper headlines from across the world to gain insight into the political culture of different regions. 

Finally, students learn about international organizations like NATO and the EU and analyze their role in foreign policy and international diplomacy. 

In all, all of the following topics are covered in this unit: 

  • What is foreign policy? 
  • Significant American foreign policies from history
  • The State Department's role
  • Analyzing current issues
  • Comparative government
  • Political culture and foreign governments
  • The EU, NAFTA, IMF, NATO, and international organizations

The unit concludes with several online review games and an editable assessment. 

You can also download this unit individually here on TpT or subscribe to Students of Civics and get this unit plus the entire curriculum

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