Unit 5: Campaigns, Elections, & the Media

civics units Dec 14, 2017

 After covering the ideology, the political spectrum, and political parties in the previous unit, this unit plan focuses on Campaigns, Elections, and the Media. Remember, you get immediate access to this engaging and thorough unit plan when you join Students of Civics

Topics covered in this unit include: 

  • Campaigning
  • How candidates are selected
  • The election process
  • Landmark American elections
  • The Electoral College
  • Campaign finance laws
  • Citizens United and its affect on campaigns
  • Gerrymandering
  • The media and "Fake News"
  • And more!

The unit begins with an overview of elections in the United States along with how political participation has increased through Amendments like the 15th & 19th, as well as other laws. 

Next, students look at the Electoral College and significant or contested elections like those in 1876, 2000, and other years and the impact they had. 

The next lesson plan has students analyzing gerrymandering and doing their own with maps to see if they can create districts that benefit one particular party. 

Finally, there is a lesson on "Fake News" and the media. A PowerPoint with guided notes covers public opinion, bias, and the media's role in politics. Students then investigate fake news and compare MSNBC to Fox News. 

The unit concludes with a variety of review games and activities to prepare students for an editable assessment to conclude the unit. 

You can download this entire unit now here on TpT!

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