Unit 4: Political Parties

civics units Dec 14, 2017

Unit 4 in our complete American Government curriculum covers Political Parties and ideology! 

This is an engaging unit filled with rigorous and relevant resources that both you and your students will appreciate. 

Topics covered in the unit include: 

  • Political party platforms
  • The 2-party system and history of parties in America
  • The political spectrum
  • Political parties quiz
  • Comparing liberals & conservatives
  • Analyzing campaign commercials
  • Famous political ads in history

Each day throughout the unit, your students will be engaging with the highest quality resources and proven lesson plans. 

There are primary sources including George Washington's farewell address, Google Doc digital resources, and engaging interactive notebook pages. To review, there is a Quizlet vocabulary set, Kahoot and Quizizz games, and more! 

You can download this awesome unit here on TpT

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