Our Judicial Branch Unit

civics units Nov 22, 2017

After covering the Legislative and Executive Branches comes the final unit for the Branches of Government with this unit on America's Judicial Branch. Remember, you get immediate access to this engaging and thorough unit plan when you join Students of Civics

The unit begins with a great discussion starter activity to get students thinking about how "law" and "justice" are debatable and sometimes what is right and wrong is not always so clear. Then you move on to a PowerPoint and guided notes sheet on the American judicial system so students understand courts, trials, and how the system is structured. 

The next day explores the US Supreme Court with a PowerPoint, interactive notebook page, DBQ, and activity to help students understand the highest court in the land. 

Day 3 continues on the Supreme Court with a lesson on Judicial Review and the court's power to declare acts of Congress unconstitutional. Students also begin looking at specific court cases...

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Our Executive Branch Unit

civics units Nov 07, 2017

Obviously, one of the most important goals of a Civics class is for students to understand the Executive Branch. When you join Students of Civics, you get access to this engaging and thorough unit plan! 

The unit begins with an overview of the President, including a PowerPoint with guided notes, video links, and an analysis of several polls on America's presidents. Students then begin an awesome project to create a Roller Coaster that represents all of America's presidents. This is a really fun project that allows your students to interpret who they feel are the best and worst of our presidents with an interactive, Project Based Learning format. 

Students will likely need multiple class days for this and then move on to analyze the Roles of the President with a PowerPoint , interactive notebook page, and current event assignment. 

Next, student look into the President's cabinet and government bureaucracy. After learning about all of the departments, students...

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Our Unit on the Legislative Branch

civics units Nov 01, 2017

I am really excited about this new Civics unit on the Legislative Branch! 

This is unit for our American Government curriculum can range from 7 days through to 3-4 weeks or longer! That's because it includes a full Mock Congress simulation that you can use for just a couple days or extend for weeks if your students get really into it! 

My students love the simulation and often dive deep into their roles as Congressmen and women to work on meaningful legislation! 

The unit begins with an overview of Congress, with activities on the differences between the House and Senate including a PowerPoint, interactive notebook page, Google Doc, video, and homework worksheet! 

Day 2 covers the Expressed & Implied Powers of Congress with an analysis of Article 2 of the Constitution, interactive notebook page, Quizlet set, movie suggestions, and more! 

The next day has students reviewing Congressional Committees through a Google Doc activity and current event...

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Civics and Government Curriculum Resources Now Available!

Uncategorized Oct 13, 2017

Hi there! I have been hard at work these past few months getting my American Government resources ready to be posted! 

You might know that I already have Complete Curricula available for both World History and US History available for subscription at StudentsofHistory.com. However, it took me awhile to figure out a way that worked well for government as well. 

I tend to use a lot of current events in Government and (as I'm sure we're all aware) politics these days are a whirlwind. I knew I had a lot of great resources to share though and realized now is the time that we need strong Government classes the most. 

So, while the curriculum you'll find here isn't complete yet (as of October 2017), it will be soon. I know that teachers still need activities for the units you're teaching now. 

So, I decided to make the site available now, with the first five units available:

  • Unit 1: Introduction to Government
  • Unit 2: Foundations of American Government
  • Unit 3: The...
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